Ian Reid (64)

United Kingdom


Name Ian Reid

Born July 21st 1955

Nationality British

Country of entry United Kingdom

Ian Reid is a farmer from Somerset whose second passion is to go sailing. He has bought Maja, a ketch-rigged Belliure Endurance 35 designed by Peter Ibold built by Astilleros Belliure in Spain . His plan has been to sail single-handed to Cascais, Portugal and back in the Autumn of 2016 before refitting the yacht over the winter months in time to make a solo transatlantic crossing to Charleston, South Carolina and back in 2017.
“To the inevitable question: ‘Why have you entered the GGR?’ the answer is simple” He says. “I love sailing and I love the oceans. 40 years of sailing in most of the world’s oceans has ingrained in me the art of ‘risk minimisation’. I am certain that this will be the key to a successful voyage. I have a fantastic boat, and a great team of supporters behind me, so all is looking good for the start in June 2018.




Ian Reid has selected to race the Endurance 35 class yacht Maja. Designed by Peter Ibold and built by the Spanish boatyard ‘Astilleros Belliure’ in 1979, the Endurance 35 has a reasonably heavy displacement for her length, compensated for by a powerful ketch rig. Structurally, Maja requires little work, but will undergo a preliminary refit during Winter 2016/17, prior to a transatlantic crossing, and a final refit during the Winter 2017/18 to ensure she is ‘race ready’ for June 2018. Ian Reid says: “Maja is a strong, safe boat,which I am sure ’ will look after me well.”

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