Izabel Pimentel (54)




Name Izabel Pimentel

Born February 11th 1966

Nationality Brazilian

Country of entry Brazil

Izabel Pimentel is a 51-year old Brazilian who has done this all before. In 2014 she became the first South American woman to complete a solo circumnavigation via the three great Capes – Good Hope, Leeuwin and Cape Horn. She has also made eight Atlantic crossings alone and written five books in a sailing career that span 11 years.

The daughter of a soldier, she spent her formative years following her parents from one posting to another. Her first career was as a systems analyst working in Brazil and Portugal until 2006 when, at the age of 40, she chose to follow her passion for sailing, starting with a solo transatlantic crossing in a 21ft boat from Brazil to Europe. In the 11 years since, she has covered more than 70,000 miles alone, including competing in the 2009 Mini Transat 6.5 race.
Izabel says of the GGR. “This is such a poetic event, reviving the spirit of those great navigators from the past – Men like Slocum, Moitessier, Tabarly and Knox-Johnston. They are my heroes. It is they who have made us the navigators we are today.”
Her preference is to campaign a Rustler 36, or similar 36ft yacht.


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